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Henri Matisse was a twentieth century French artist. His characteristic style included flat, brilliant colors and fluid lines. Later in his career, Matisse concentrated on a technique called papiers découpés (paper cutouts). Try making your own painting with Matisee-like paper cutouts:

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  • See what changes you can make by clicking on the buttons below the canvas.
  • Print your design.
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Try Action Painting Like Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) developed a unique style of abstract expressionism. He would drip paint on his canvas in order to create his paintings. His paintings used a technique called "action painting." You can create an abstract painting by clicking on the canvas above. Move your mouse to create your own action painting. Click your mouse to change colors.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Artists for Kids

Teachers of art education will be interested in Sophie Harding. She is a creative model role for children. Harding is a British artist and was raised in Southern England. She was the eldest of seven children and she was encouraged to study art by both sides of her family. She gained a diploma in General Art &Design and later a BA degree in fashion and Textiles at central St. Martins.
Harding is a blend of creativity and diverse types of artist media. For a while she worked in NY as a textile designer. She is now a successful illustrator of children’s books, magazines, greeting cards, giftwrap, calendars, diaries, tableware and textile designs. Her painting style is called Naïve Art. It is a primitive art style of art that is used by self taught artists. Harding brings art to kids by painting with bright colors and simple shapes.

What Kids Can Learn From Harding
(Art for Kids)

Art education should be about creativity and originality. Sophie Harding brings creativity to children with her simple shapes. She is inspired by animals and nature. Children can learn to paint their best friend or pet by using basic shapes. They can draw ovals for heads, circles and triangles for eyes, and squares and rectangles for bodies. Later they can paint with bright colors and add more details.

Young children can use stencils of shapes or animals. They can trace the forms and then paint with complementary colors. Harding teaches art for kids with simple elements all while they learn about creativity and Naïve style.

Sophie Harding: Painter, inspired by "Zara de Zebra", "Nellie the Elephant", "Quirky Animals II and IV:

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Natatomic said...

Thank you for your site and all of its interactive splendor! I teach art to young children and they love experimenting online!