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Henri Matisse was a twentieth century French artist. His characteristic style included flat, brilliant colors and fluid lines. Later in his career, Matisse concentrated on a technique called papiers découpés (paper cutouts). Try making your own painting with Matisee-like paper cutouts:

  • Choose cutouts and drag to the canvas
  • See what changes you can make by clicking on the buttons below the canvas.
  • Print your design.
  • Have fun!

Try Action Painting Like Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) developed a unique style of abstract expressionism. He would drip paint on his canvas in order to create his paintings. His paintings used a technique called "action painting." You can create an abstract painting by clicking on the canvas above. Move your mouse to create your own action painting. Click your mouse to change colors.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Artists for Kids

Teachers of art education will be interested in John Ichter since his artwork can be a great inspiration for children’s creativity. Ichter’s love of nature is contagious and inspires kids to create their own landscapes.

His colorful and bright paintings, watercolors and pastels are represented in several galleries across the country. Ichter lives in Atlanta with his two dogs. He recently sold the gallery and frame shop that he owned for twelve years to allow him to travel and dedicate more time to selling his paintings. He enjoys people watching while he paints and he loves to travel, especially to Europe.

What Kids Can Learn From Ichter
(Art for Kids)

Ichter’s art is perfect for kids’ creativity. His landscapes and dragonflies show bright and simple lines that are easy for children to follow. He uses pastels on textured surfaces to give a unique look to his artwork. Children can explore colors and textures while creating their unique landscape.

Art education is very important in today’s world. Not only because of the creative experience, but also because some artists’ work can inspire children in many other ways. Ichter’s love for nature can teach kids to appreciate and to protect the environment while developing their art skills.

Learn more about Ichter on the web at:

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